Training your dog should be affordable and fun!

As a certified professional dog trainer, I've spent the last decade teaching pet parents and their dogs how to make training affordable and fun! I've taken all of that knowledge and experience and put it into this self-paced online course to help even more dogs and their humans live together in harmony.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Trying to find good training information on the internet or the right in-person professional can feel like a nightmare. This course cuts through the noise to give you the right information to start training today.

Positive Reinforcement

This course is designed to help you implement positive reinforcement training techniques in a way that is efficient, appropriate, and safe. It also includes helpful resources to positively improve your dog's life in many other ways!


Our mission is to help every pup and their human enjoy life together, through enrichment and education! This course helps you identify and implement techniques to build skills and prevent or manage problem behaviors.

This course is for pet parents who are:

  • Motivated to train their own dog
  • Looking for help building basic manners skills
  • Comfortable learning online

*If you are looking for help with fearful, anxious, or aggressive behaviors we recommend that you work one-on-one with us through our coaching program to make sure the training course components are implemented in a way that is safe and appropriate.*

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Learn with 

certified dog trainer 

Sara Miles

I've helped pet parents across the US for over a decade to access the most important training and behavior information! My expertise spans from puppies to seniors, shelter dogs and purebred, basic manners and behavior modification for fearfulness and aggression. Let me share that knowledge with you today!